How to Get Rid of Sweaty Feet in 13 Simple Ways

Sweaty feet are a misery, people who are known to be sweating heavily will understand what type of headache it is, especially if this is combined with bad feet odor. These are some natural and simple remedies to treat. Try them out, they DO work!



 1. Soak them in mouthwash, the alcohol that it contains will let them dry out.
 2. Use healthy insoles, the medical ones that aerate your feet.

3.WATER. Yes, drinking copious amounts fights body odor as it dilutes the body salts.
 4. Choose wisely: open toe sandals to let your feet breathe and you can go barefoot at home!
5. Bad odor recipe: fill a bowl with warm water and oatmeal, squeeze oats till water is milky then soak for 10 minutes and allow them to dry, this will work on drying your feet out.
6. As done for Si El-Sayed, mix two tablespoons of salt in in warm water to clean and freshen up the feet, this solution will also help keep feet dry.
 7. Avoid wearing the same pair of shoes two days in a row so that it gives your shoes room to dry & remove the innersoles to help with the drying. (dalla3 nafsak!)
8. Rub your feet with radish juice, it’s a natural deodorant. You don’t have to love it, you won’t drink it.
9. Sprinkle talcum powder all over the feet or soak them in diluted vinegar, as it reduces heavy sweating. (5amas 5amsat will work perfectly!)
 10. Bath with some ginger. Sounds weird, but it works on removing the body toxins.
 11. Use a spray deodorant on your feet.
 12. Use sports socks that have ventilation panels and some got impregnated antibacterial chemicals.
 13. Soak your feet in black tea for 30 minutes for 1 week, the tannic acid in the tea destroys bacteria and thus eliminates sweat & odor. (It'd better be not boiling, though!)