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About Us

Who we are?

Flip Flops Egypt brings Brazil’s highest standards footwear to your doorstep in Egypt.  We believe that our sandals, wedges and flip flops are not just a slide for your feet but an attitude and reflection of a more laid-back way of life, and proof that you're unwilling to settle for less without losing the stylish edge for which we have become famous. You will stand your ground and shimmer every time you slide your feet in a product by Flip Flops Egypt. Try on a pair, but we warn you – once you've tried any of our products, nothing else will do. And that's our difference.

Why Brazil?

Brazil has long been famous for its vivid and colorful lifestyle, unbeatable Rio de Janeiro carnival, a luscious natural environment and their beautiful, passionate people; all elements you can see in the range of our products which are designed and made in Brazil, and are in touch with a relaxed yet fashionable lifestyle. Because they're made in a country that holds one of the planet's most expansive and ecologically sensitive ecosystems, environmental sustainability is an integral part of both the company's and Brazil's culture. All Flip Flops Egypt footwear is 100% recyclable and does not contain any animal products to bring beauty for your feet and also the planet.


What we sell?

We have a variety of products that make some of the most popular available worldwide, and millions adore them because they are thoughtfully designed and beautifully durable, they will conform to your foot, cushion every step, and accommodate your natural gate.

Our designers get their inspiration from extreme sports, fashion trends, and the great outdoors for styles that look as good as they feel, and are built to last. Glamour is introduced from extreme comfort to highest fashionable edge, from simplicity to exotic animal print teamed with metallic detailing, while the relaxed styles bloom with applique flowers and South American stones.

All products are manufactured by Grendene, Brazil’s most forward thinking footwear company, and are designed and produced to reflect the brand’s strong sustainability program. Flip Flops Egypt currently sells the following products: Grendha, Rider, Cartago & Ipanema.

Why ‘Flip Flops Egypt’?

The term ‘flip flop’ has been used since around 1972 to replace the term ‘thong sandal’. It gets this lyrical name from the sound that is made by walking in them, making ‘flip flop’ an example of onomatopoeia. In its most basic form, a flip flop is a light sandal, typically of plastic or rubber, with a thong between the big and second toe.

This style of footwear has been worn by many cultures throughout the world and through thousands of years. We were lucky enough that this style originated in Egypt as early as 4000 BC. It is still debatable whether the Kiwi Morris Yock or the British John Cowie, who lives in Hong Kong, who was first to think of creating a synthetic version of the traditional Japanese woven soled zori or jonge sandals.

Nowadays, the flip flop has developed a lot, and Flip Flops Egypt takes on far more diverse designs but the theory is still the same: a thong-strap connected to a sole. Rubber remains the most common material to make the flip flop, however, our modern, fantastic, PVC plastic is most certainly the best!

Here’s a funny fact about what Flip Flops are called around the world:

Jandals (New Zealand)
Chappal (Hawaii)
Qainchi Chappals (India/Pakistan)
Thongs (Australia and Canada)
Slops (South Africa)
Ojotas (Spain)
Chanceletas (Central America)
Chinelos (Brazil)

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